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Accel, formerly known as Accel Partners, is an American venture capital firm. Accel works with startups in seed, early, and growth-stage investments. The company has offices in Palo Alto, California, and San Francisco, California, with additional operating funds in London, India, and China (through a partnership with International Data Group (IDG-Accel). Accel has funded technology companies including Facebook, Slack, Dropbox, Atlassian, Flipkart, Supercell, Spotify, Etsy, Braintree/Venmo, Vox Media,, Qualtrics, DJI, Cloudera,, Ethos, GoFundMe, Vectra Networks Inc. FabHotels, BrowserStack, Vinculum Group, Instana, CleverTap, and Egyptian Instabug.

Fred Destin's former employer, Accel, is looking into his conduct, according to this article on " unnamed female founder at Accel told Bloomberg that he had behaved inappropriately with her during a conference party in 2013. Destin briefly referred to the incident on his own blog last month and said he had apologized to the woman in question. According to Bloomberg, the founder met Destin at a conference party in the US and pitched him her startup. He suggested she pitch to his previous employer, Atlas Ventures. The two danced, and then bumped into each other again at a different party, where the founder says she had to remove Destin's hands from her body. He then reportedly sent her a text containing only his hotel address, and she left the conference early because she felt uncomfortable."


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Former Employee - Para Professional says

"Was discouraged for anything individual or one on one with students. Spent most of every day holding the "panic" door shut as individuals attempted to fight their way out. Some time they went in for small things like refusing to sit in a chair and getting up off the floor. Usually it was needed due to violence. Staff talked way more to one another than to children."

Current Employee - Janitorial says

"Sucks but crack...not enough hours.."

Current Contractor - Systems Administrator says

"Low salary for employees overall"

Current Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"Work wise no challenges,should increase still more global clients.Appointment procedure should be fast for the candidates."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stretching classrooms, departments and programs too thin"

Current Employee - Security Engineer says

"it is the poor management"

Cna (Current Employee) says

"no help with work issues unprofessional and not well educated people. This company have employees that think they write you your check and treat you less. And ALOT I MEAN ALOT of racism. I'm still here only bc the residents i work with i care for alot and its not their fault that people are unprofessional and lazy"

Paraprofessional (Former Employee) says

"This campus is the worst. From day one I have had problems with co workers here. You think you would have to worry about the aggressive kids but nope you have to watch your back from your coworkers. You have to know about who you talk to (especially behavior team) because everybody will try to get you in trouble and fired if they don’t like you so watch what you say and what you say around certain people because they will go to HR/Principal trying to get you fired and even if you don’t say anything bad they will still lie on you if they don’t like you. If you still choose to work here after this review the best advice I can give you is just agree with everything the behavior team says even if they are wrong (which is 99% of the time) or hope you have a teacher/supervisor that is submissive to them because they will target your classroom and make your life a living horrible like my room went through for two years.HoursEverything...gossip, drama, behavior team members, feeling unappreciated"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work consist of standing on your feet for 8 hours putting victoria secrets in a bag . The most enjoyable part was listening to music.musicstanding on your feet all day"

Paraprofessional (Former Employee) says

"Staff is extremely problematic and create a toxic work environment. Favoritism is a huge issue and there are cliques among staff. It's incredibly unprofessional for friends of supervisors to sit in during team meetings and smirk in addition to belittling staff about mistakes. The hardest part of the job is dealing with the workplace culture. Any mistakes are usually a topic of discussion for gossip instead of a learning experience. Individuals who aren't your direct supervisors will raise their voice to intervene and be insulting in passing on campus. It's amazing that a job where patience and kindness were so "valuable" but employees make you uncomfortable on a daily basis. You will resent your choice to work here and deal with the same insincere individuals in your classroom each day. Working with these types of coworkers is a living nightmare and a complete waste of time. You do not want to work here.Days OffStaff, Supervisors, Gossip"

Patrol Officer (Former Employee) says

"my job was long very hard on car going all over never getting paid for my gas or repairs real bad management treat people bad and talk behind your back making fun of people best part of job was getting away going homenothingbreaks ok i guess"

Systemic Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I was mis-informed from the time I accepted employment until my assignment was completed. I was contacted that I didn't need to return for attendance, after my mother passed away. The following morning my boss that I reported to called to ask if I was coming in. The communication was terrible. I had no idea what I was getting into. I did not get the pay that was posted when I applied for the position or any type of review after a year of employment. I was disappointed to say the least."

Heftruckchauffeur/magazijnmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"In de avond ploeg was er vaak veel extra werk wat de dag ploeg had laten liggen wat extra druk oplevert daarbij komt dat het bevoorradingssysteem vaak in storing schiet waardoor iedereen laat naar huis gaat wel leuk voor overuren, maar vervelend voor mensen die niks meer te doen hebben. Werk opdeling kan beter."

Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"As a CNA you can have up to 25 patients with no help from nursing staff. Some days I was the only CNA on site with 40 patients and upset staff along with a hostile nursing director.Staff shortages"

Platter (Former Employee) says

"Very incapable company and management. It was a fight to get help or cooperation in this hard and tough job. Supervisors will not help or support your efforts to do the right thing"

algemeenmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"begon met magnetrons of lampen repareren en dat ging ik de hele dag doen. ik heb een beetje geleerd hoe je magnetrons moet repareren. mijn collega's waren wel leuk. het moeilijkste was dat ik eerst moest leren in een korte tijd om magnetrons te repareren."

RN Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management, high RN turnover. The management do not appreciate their RNs. There is no job security, Clinical managers/ employee changes often. Full time employee may not get full time hours. You often have to remind them you were hired full time. Too much gossiping instead of focusing on patient care. Management thrives on gossip.FlexiblityExcessive documentation"

just a nobody (Former Employee) says

"Out of date, out of style, lack off resources, charade, run down, over priced, under supported, and over rated. Only care about accreditation which must be bought. Every person who works there is miserable. The executive director funnels money around very suspiciously. No teachers will stay long enough to learn the students names, nobody knows what they're doing cause they all just started. The pay next to nothing unless you are in the circle of wine guzzling north side divorcees and have the most strict policies. The personnel manual is the thickest book on their campuses.They have a decent cafeEverything else"

Program Associate, PNC Bank (Former Employee) says

"The ACCEL training program at PNC Bank was terrible. Constant communication break downs between new associates and management. Management was more worried about their advancement within PNC than training new associates."

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the job where they placed me. The agency is a nice place to work for if they place you at the right company.doens't stick up for there employees"

atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Ttabajo mal remunerado con muchs carga de responsabilidad no valorada, poca responsabilidad de las personas a cargo.CompañerosMal salario"

Park Cleaner/Landscaper (Former Employee) says

"It was a temporary job for a school program. The environment was casual and very immature, but the work was easy and fun, and it was a lot of new money for a high school freshman. I learned a lot about teamwork and some physical skills as well."

Paraprofessional (Current Employee) says

"I learned how important patience can be in working with different individuals as well as time management and working well with others in various settings.good hours, friendly atmosphereno room for advancement, reduced hours during summer with no available work."

Senior Paraprofessional (Current Employee) says

"it was great until changes came the principal was not very nice and hard to talk to sometimes it was hard sometimes dealing with behaviors of the students and sometimes frustrating when they expected you to work even when you were hurt the professionalism among the staff was not very professional"

Executive Assistant to VP of Educational Services (Current Employee) says

"OK place to work. The communication from Administrators could much better. The staff members are great to work for and the Principal of the school is wonderful."

Assist them (Current Employee) says

"Paraprofessional/ teacher aide great work but you work with people always complaining about there salary. hard situation when your suppose to work like a team, I learned how to feed them through a g tub. The hardest part of my job is when my co-workers would argue, and we would have meetings and the problem would not get resolve.What I like the most is being able to have that bond with my student, where she or he would be more healthcarethe hours"

Gene Johnston says

"Received original “approval” status and did 3 welcome calls and signed 3 “approved funding” docs and after each time they came with we need more financials, more financials. Smh not sure if this company just scams people to get their bank login credentials or what but it sure seems like it. Complete joke of a funding company that’s highly unprofessional and suspect! And these are the guys spamming your phone and email to offer funding 24-7! Begging for customers not the other way around!"

Steve Leroux says

"Sends spam text messages"

JASON says

"I recieve unsolicited phone calls and and emails constantly from companies offering working capital. I generally just ask politely to be removed from their call list and unsubscribe/opt out fron email communication. However Accel Capital's Senior Funding Manager Jacques L., sent me an email and I replied to opt out and and her response was "Fine have it your way." How incredibly unprofessional and childish. I mean you are cold calling and emailing me and you are angry when I choose not to continue recieving unsolicited calls and emails from you that tie up my phone lines and keep real buisness calls from getting through. Lets not forget I have never express any interest in Accel Capital or asked for any communication from them. If they are so unprofessional they can't handle being told that somone is uninterested in them then can you imagine how awful they must be if you get suckered into becoming a customer."

Tim says

"Never The guy that called me from your company was very rude! I told him I was not interested in borrowing money from his company and he called me a "fat @$$ $#!+ head" but yet continued to badger me about borrowing money from your company even after I hung up on him he emailed me saying what a pleasure it was to talk to me about getting my working capital for my business. I think that was for his boss to see cause I do hope this guy does not represent how your company treats people. I am not a customer nor ever will be a customer of Accel Capital."

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